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What are QR Codes?

QR Codes are a two-dimensional barcode, which lets you store up to 7.089 numeric or 4.296 alphanumeric characters. These codes can be read by most smartphones already on the market, as well as the latest Apple and Android tablets or smartphones.

Example of a standard QR Code

Dynamic QR Code, the tool to expand and enrich the paper content with web pages, video, images, audio files, and even different contents based on the geographical location and language of end users.

QR Codes are a useful tool to better position the product on the market, as well as to create innovative and compelling marketing campaigns.

What can be transmitted through a QR Code

Quick Response Codes are a clear example of how to amplify your information contents, with:

Giving visibility to the website, printing the company URL on all stuff used for the traditional marketing campaign is a “must” but often is not enough to channel users.

QR Codes, like a crossmedia marketing tool, give you an opportunity:

Through QR Codes is possible to establish an additional communication channel between the company and potential customers.