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It’s not just a code

Create a custom QR Code means adding creativity to practical needs.

Each QR Code made ​​by Weevo is like a small artwork. Unique in its design.

First activity of project examination will define the key aspects of the purpose of the code, the media on which you plan to print it, and the functions that will be activated.

We evaluate then the graphic design, if the demands are achievable, or if is needed to find some loophole to ensure that the merge between graphics and code do not affect the running. It is important to respect proportions while maintaining the grid structure.

The graphic idea develops most of the time from a specific request, from a logo, or from the shape of a product, of an object or by the integration of multiple images.
On other occasions, we are free to let our creativity guide the implementation.
After the customization of the code begins the process of its integration with the graphics, making sure to use properly the grid to support the image without damaging the points.

Follows the routine work, slavish but necessary, to verify the correct operation of advanced functions assigned. The activation of the platform for managing code and its associated link is also provided. At this point, the working draft is submitted to the customer which, after confirmation, will receive the kit (png, jpeg, pdf) of all the files ready for use.

Example of designed QR Codes